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Hello! My name is Jennifer Tsang and I am a Certified Professional and Career coach with the insights, tools, experience, and passion to help you change your life. I believe in the power of conversations. Through those conversations, I believe we can change lives. 

TedX Talk: Start with the Who, not the Why

Jennifer Tsang

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a room and not worry about the why of everything? That’s the question Jennifer Tsang wants to ask everyone in her TedX talk. She believes that all transformation starts with Self. In this talk, she explores the importance of focusing less on the ‘Why’ and instead exploring the ‘Who’ to transform your life from the inside. Jennifer is an ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Chief of Staff at a large fortune 500 company, podcast host of the In the Lead Show & host of #LeadersChat on Twitter. She has spent more than 15 years working on her own personal development, gaining insights into her own life & developing tools to transform her life from the inside. Jennifer is a leadership coach based in the San Francisco area. Her mission is to help her clients understand their unique value as leaders.

How to Solve the Right Problems in L&D, with
Jennifer Tsang

In this podcast, Amit Garg speaks with Jenifer Tsang, Chief of Staff at Cisco, on how to solve the right problems in L&D. Jennifer has been with Cisco for about 19 years. She also runs her own podcast called ‘In the Lead’ and her passion is to empower people to unlock their leadership potential.

Leadership with Jess Dewell, Tom Reid & Jenn Tsang

This week on #GoalChatLive, I am speaking with Jess Dewell, Tom Reid, and Jenn Tsang about Leadership.

Jennifer Tsang Hosts the In the Lead Show podcast and is a Leadership Coach (

The power of conversations & developing a deeper level of consciousness in your everyday life

With Jennifer Tsang

This week we talk to creator of the podcast “In The Lead Show” and “Coach With Insight”, Jenn Tsang, who is a Certified Professional and Career coach, who believes the power of conversations & developing a deeper level of consciousness in your everyday life will bring you the satisfaction and fulfillment you are searching for.

PTSD and Beyond Podcast with Jennifer Tsang & Dr. Deb Lindh

Developing skills can be a daunting task. If you’re a person who’s created resolutions or are trying to create new and healthy habits through developing skills, we’ve got you covered in this episode.
Joining PTSD and Beyond is leadership coach Jennifer Tsang, PCC. Jennifer is the founder of Coach with Insight and host at In the Lead Podcast- and we talk about what skills are, how to develop skills, why skills are important for supporting goals and mental health, and much more!

The Art of Making a Courageous Decision with Jennifer Tsang

The Austin Agency Podcast

Is it possible to throw out the rule book and reinvent oneself in a Fortune 100 company? Join me as I share my courageous decision to “drop the oar” and follow that still, small voice down the path less traveled. How did my organization react? You don’t want to miss this story of deep transformational work that serves as a blueprint for where corporate culture is headed!

The Outliers Edge

Embrace the Discomfort: Understanding Your Own Trauma & Finding Your Peace

Have you ever experienced trauma and discomfort that triggers your anxiety? Are you looking for ways to face your fears and find peace despite your situation? 

Goal Chat Live

Emotional Wellbeing with Dorien Morin van Dam, Jenn Tsang & Diann Wingert

On this week’s #GoalChatLive, Social Media Strategist Dorien Morin-van Dam, Leadership Coach Jenn Tsang, and Mindset Coach Diann Wingert join Debra Eckerling to talk about emotional wellbeing and mental health. This topic was scheduled by request. After more than two years of COVID-life – and the work, home, and life stress that goes with it – it was time to check-in with strategies for better emotional self-care.

My Speaking Topics

Below are some of my speaking topics that I can talk about on your Podcast!


1. How to Develop Mindfulness in Leadership
2. How to Create Meaningful Change in Leadership
3. How to Use Coaching as a Leadership Style
4. Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Leadership

Highly Sensitive People

1. Leadership Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person
2. Ways to Identify if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person
3. Understanding the Gift of Being a Highly Sensitive Person
4. Managing Your Teams as a Highly Sensitive Person

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