How Gratitude Makes You a Better Leader with Jennifer Tsang, PCC

How Gratitude Makes You a Better Leader with Jennifer Tsang, PCC

Gratitude: During the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us in the U.S. will be thinking about gratitude & give thanks for what we have in our lives. But, what does gratitude really mean? How do you think about gratitude? For me, gratitude is more than something we think about once a year, or more than just some cliches we write inside of a journal. Instead, it can be used as a tool to learn from our experiences & to develop deep appreciation for the things we have been through in our lives. I use it as a daily practice to help me reflect & ground myself in the present moment. I use it as a way to honor the tools I have acquired, the lessons I have learned & give thanks to all of the things I have faced in order to make me a whole, resource & capable person. Gratitude isn’t just something that we do, it’s something that we are. Great leaders who practice gratitude are shown to be more successful in leading themselves & their teams. People want to work for humble leaders who appreciate them & value who they are as a whole person. This time of year is a great reminder for us to pause & reflect on our lives & the impact we are making each day. If you don’t have a gratitude practice, now would be a great time to start.

I challenge you to re-imagine gratitude & to find a practice you can develop each day to make you a better parent, educator, leader & citizen of this planet.


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