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How to Disagree Productively

Productive Disagreement: I get it, we have strong beliefs. Right or wrong, it’s what we believe and we might fee very strongly about it. How might that attachment to that belief create friction within conversations, leading to unproductive and less effective communication?

How to Build & Cultivate Trust with Rebecca McNeill

Trust: It can be this gauzy, aspirational term that gets thrown around a lot in organizations & within relationships. What does it really mean? The key to building trust with yourself & others is to embrace the discomfort, turn inward and get curious while also developing a deeper understanding & appreciation of Self.

In the Lead Trailer

Jennifer Tsang’s podcast, In the Lead, is a show intended to bring new perspectives to leadership through conversations with everyday people. The In the Lead podcast will be a mix of solo episodes and conversations with everyday leaders, those people who are in the lead in their everyday lives.