Are you Leading from Within with Shawn Schuh

Are you Leading from Within with Shawn Schuh

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Are you leading from within? What does it mean to lead from within? In this week’s episode of the In the Lead Show, I speak to Shawna Schuh about how we know if we’re leading from within and if we’re not, discover ways to live a more meaningful life. We can learn so much about the world when we know more about ourselves.

Jennifer Tsang is an ICF Leadership Coach who partners with executives, leaders & everyday people to build more consciousness into how they lead their teams and most importantly, themselves. She believes that leadership is an inside out approach. As someone who has worked on her own personal development and self-leadership for over 15 years, she started her coaching practice in 2020 to help others discover how to lead themselves and grow professionally and personally. Today, Jennifer offers a wide variety of programs and services – from individual coaching, to group and team coaching, mindfulness programs and facilitated groupconversations.

Show highlights

  1. Discover what it means to lead from within
  2. Learn to tap into your internal dialogue to show up in more meaningful ways
  3. Uncover limiting beliefs

Shawna Schuh is an innovative thought-leader who can help you unpack the pesky problems you encounter when you lead people. With a curious mind, herself, and a Master’s Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shawna is exceptionally skilled in the art of uncovering leadership blind spots and catapulting leaders out of the leadership weeds.

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