Developing Success Strategies to Become a Trauma Informed Leader with Dr. L. Carol Scott

Developing Success Strategies to Become a Trauma Informed Leader with Dr. L. Carol Scott

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What does it mean to be trauma informed? Do you want to develop strategies to become trauma informed? If so, this weeks episode of the In the Lead Show is for you! In this episode I discuss what trauma means & how leaders can develop strategies to better support themselves & their teams with Dr. L. Carol Scott. According to Dr. Carol, the trauma we experience we are constantly acting out, which can create problems in our families, communities & organizations.

Jennifer Tsang is an ICF Leadership Coach who partners with executives, leaders & everyday people to build more consciousness into how they lead their teams and most importantly, themselves. She believes that leadership is an inside out approach. As someone who has worked on her own personal development and self-leadership for over 15 years, she started her coaching practice in 2020 to help others discover how to lead themselves and grow professionally and personally. Today, Jennifer offers a wide variety of programs and services – from individual coaching, to group and team coaching, mindfulness programs and facilitated group conversations.

Show highlights

  1. Understand why understanding trauma is important
  2. Develop strategies to be more responsive vs. reactive
  3. Find ways to cope with stress & trauma
  4. Understand why having good mirrors is really important
  5. Understand how we are relational beings

She thought she’d be a shrink, or a professor who trained shrinks. But life said, “No, go this way….” So, as a University of Kansas sophomore, Carol Scott took an elective course called Child Development and turned an amazing corner in her life. Now, as a 2018 TEDx speaker and author of two books, Dr. Scott is a coach, trainer, and keynoter who teaches this truth: relationships are at the heart of all success. Her clients arrive with goals to grow–a business, a family, or a dream–and learn new strategies for greater success in all of their endeavors.

Her first career as a nationally respected thought leader in the U.S. systems for early care and education began with that surprise change to a BA in Child Development. And then she added a BA in Anthropology, an MA in Early Childhood Education, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology, all from her beloved University of Kansas. Several influential positions in the nonprofit, education, and government policy worlds took all that education into practice that helped shape her profession.

Today, that first career is the foundation for an astonishing second act. The trigger: While earning her doctorate, Carol ran head-long and heart-first into her childhood trauma. Working with a shrink, rather than being one, she faced the impacts on her professional and personal lives of a “score” of 7 from a list of 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences, a research-based measure of trauma.

Her observations of children in the natural habitat of a teaching preschool sparked the idea for a new model for successful adult relationships. Adding her expertise in early brain development, Carol created a unique approach that revolutionizes everything from business management, to parenting, to romance.

Dr. Scott’s first book, Just Be Your S.E.L.F.–Your Guide to Improving Any Relationship, provides her basic framework and many specific tools for becoming a Self-governed, Ego-aware person who is Leading in their life and Free of self-imposed barriers–a S.E.L.F. Through powerful Development Do-Overs, clients release relationship struggles at home, at work, and in their wider world. Re-integrating their original birthright of seven Self-Aware Success Strategies (S.A.S.S.), Carol’s clients embrace their next level of success through better relationships, everywhere they go

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