Self Leadership through Adversity with Markell Morris

Self Leadership through Adversity with Markell Morris

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Have you ever faced adversity? All of us, to some degree, have had adversity in our lives. It’s not whether or not we face adversity, it’s how we handle it. Markell shares her story as she had to navigate many life altering events at once. Discover how you can persevere with adversity and learn meaningful insights into your own life.

Jennifer Tsang is an ICF Leadership Coach who partners with executives, leaders & everyday people to build more consciousness into how they lead their teams and most importantly, themselves. She believes that leadership is an inside out approach. As someone who has worked on her own personal development and self-leadership for over 15 years, she started her coaching practice in 2020 to help others discover how to lead themselves and grow professionally and personally. Today, Jennifer offers a wide variety of programs and services – from individual coaching, to group and team coaching, mindfulness programs and facilitated group conversations.

Show highlights

  1. Understand how the destination is the journey
  2. Develop new ways to work with adversity
  3. Determine how you can use life’s adversity to learn more about yourself
  4. Hear the one piece of advice Markell would tell her younger Self

As a Career Counselor and Coach with more than 20 years of experience, Markell is ready to serve you. In her work of guiding and mentoring people in search of meaningful careers, she coaches one-on-one and in groups, creates career information resources, and presents educational programs. Her goal is to empower her clients from a place of possibility and abundance.

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